Make your Wordpress Super Fast!

A plugin that will make your Wordpress website super fast. With this plugin you can minimize JS, CSS, HTML, automatic Lazy Load images, use CDN and much more!

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Amazing Features

Understand why your website gonna fly!

Minimize CSS and JS

Minimize all theme and plugins CSS and JS files and merge them together.

Remove Wordpress Trash

Wordpress add a lot of "trash" that your website don't need. We remove it.

Minimize HTML

Minimize HTML to reduce the size of your website.

Lazy Load Images

Automatic apply Lazy Load to all images in your website. They just load when they are in the screen.

Add Defer to JS Files

Make your website faster by adding automic defer attribute to your JS files.


Allow you to add a CDN to make your website even faster.


You can use My WP Fast for free
if you have a small website.



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